Creatively Developing STEM Skills

it is never to early to start getting students interested in STEM education

Creatively developing STEM skills Many STEM jobs are not being filled. Employers, government bodies, K-12 schools, colleges, and individual instructors are working to develop innovative programs to engage, inspire and interest students in taking STEM courses as early as kindergartner school to prepare them for future STEM jobs and careers. Education offerings range from BRIDGE to College, programs offered by community organizations to dual enrollment programs.

There should be an axiom that it is never to early to start offering STEM education programs, especially those that seek to engage students in fun, creative exercises. And in states such as Oklahoma, STEM learning starts young. Union kindergartners are using engineering skills to build houses that can withstand heavy winds.

Project Lead the Way in Oklahoma is STEM program that has proven to be extremely successful. The statewide program that focuses on learning science, technology, engineering and math, together known as STEM is designed to grab kids' imaginations early and enables them to design hands-on projects, saying it could transform Oklahoma's economy.

The program seems to be so popular because it allows students the opportunity to use their imagination and creativity to design and test remote-control cars. Dr. Kathy Dodd, union public schools Associate Superintendent says that students don't always succeed. But, according to the Project Lead the Way philosophy, that is the point. The philosophy is to let students figure out for themselves what works and what does not. These are skills that will carry the students into their career.

This video, Educate Oklahoma: STEM, produced by, gives a glimpse of how the Project Lead the Way Program is introducing students to STEM and is sparking their interest and imagination in the process.

Visit the Project Lead the Way Program, find out more about it and see STEM creativity in action.