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STEM Volunteering: Igniting the Spark

STEM Volunteering

STEM education and training are often viewed as being essential in preparing and providing students who equipped to fill jobs that are available now and those that will be available in the future that enable students to have access to better jobs and that fuel the economic engine of the country. To that end, players -- academic, government and industry -- are working, are going forces, to create ways of preparing students to fill the many jobs, and more important, to ensure that the country gains an ecumenic edge globally.

In addition to the support being provided by academic institutions -- elementary, high school and colleges -- and the public and private sectors, including individual in these areas and organizations are also a part of support structures that are using their skills and time volunteering and mentoring.

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Dual Enrollment Programs: Advancing STEM Opportunities

Dual Enrollment STEM Programs

There is growing interest in the creation of dual enrollment programs in which high school students are able to enroll concurrently in college classes. The interest in these efforts are of particular interest in science for addressing the representation gap of minority students. The concern is not only about the recruitment of students of color in STEM programs, but also of retention of their interest that translates to entering and completing the programs and graduating from college.

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Creatively Developing STEM Skills

Many STEM jobs are not being filled. Employers, government bodies, K-12 schools, colleges, and individual instructors are working to develop innovative programs to engage, inspire and interest students in taking STEM courses as early as kindergartner school to prepare them for future STEM jobs and careers. Education offerings range from BRIDGE to College, programs offered by community organizations to dual enrollment programs.

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