CSUCI Professional Science Master's Programs

CSUCI's Professional Science Master's Programs

The professional science master's, or PSM, got its start in 1997 as a way to better and more rapidly equip students with much-needed skills in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Now hundreds of PSM programs are offered a growing number institutions across the country.

The degree combines intensive study in science or math with courses in management, policy, or law and emphasizes writing, project management, and other industry-sought skills. Internships and capstone projects guided by mentors in industry are a key part of the curriculum.

CSU Channel Islands PSM programs exemplify the comprehensive, innovative structure of the programs. It illustrates how each institution develops the program to prepare students to the needs of industries. CSUCI partners with industry-leading companies and other colleges to offer well rounded programs that give students hands-on experience and academic guidance to equip then skills that 21st century STEM careers require.

CSU Channel Islands offers the following Professional Science Master's (PSM) Programs:

  • MS in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics with Emphases in Biotechnology, Stem Cell Technology and Laboratory Management

  • MS in Biotechnology/MBA dual degree program

  • Internship Sites (for Stem Cell Program):
  • Amgen, City of Hope Beckman Research Institute, Scripps Research Institute, Baxter, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, Celavie Biosciences

  • Team Projects:
  • Derived from biotechnology companies in the region, reflecting real world R & D projects from the industry and research institutes

  • Scholarships and Financial support:
  • $1.73 m for Stem Cell Program to support students' stipend at $35,750 each; Amgen Scholarship specifically donated to support students enrolled in the two programs at $2,000 each

  • Other financial aid

  • A PDF brocure of CSUC'S PSM Programs is available for download here.