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Level Playing Field Institute's Morehouse Summer STEM Program

June 10-July 15, Oakland-based Level Playing Field Institute hosted a STEM Program at Morehouse College, an Atlanta historically Black college(HBCU).

The Atlanta Black Star reports that, "When 28 high school-age boys signed up to participate in the first year of a STEM program at Morehouse College, they could never have predicted the bond that would develop among them."

CSUCI's Digital Mentoring Resource for FirstGen Students

First Generation, or FirstGen students, who are often from underrepresented communities and are the first in their families to attend college, especially elite private colleges and universities, face challenges that impact their ability to adapt to college life and to college academic requirements.

Many first generation, FirstGen, students come from low and moderate income families. Parents of these students are supportive of their children and desire to see them do well in school and make a good living.

Community Colleges Filling STEM Pipeline

Employers have jobs available and they are looking for candidates with STEM skills to fill positions. Community Colleges are working to train students with skill sets to meet the growing need. Community colleges are playing an increasingly important role in providing students the science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, skills they need for the thousands of jobs employers are having a hard time filling.

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