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Project VISTA

A federal grant award of $2.8 million ($564,899 per year, 2010-2015), Project Vista is funded by Title V of the United States Department of Education under the Promoting Postbaccalaureate Opportunities for Hispanic Americans (PPOHA) program;

Project Vista is designed to strengthen CI's graduate culture and enhance the capacity of its postbaccalaureate programs to better serve, retain, and graduate Hispanic and low-income students;

Scholarships are available to students enrolled in each of CI's post baccalaureate programs (currently three teaching credential programs and six Masters degree programs)

CI Vista Scholarship


Wendy Olson Project Vista Coordinator (805) 437-8553 wendy.olson@csuci.edu
Kaia Tollefson Project Vista Director (805) 437-3125 kaia.tollefson@csuci.edu

More information about Project Vista can be found at the Graduate Studies Center (GSC) on the main campus (first building to the right off of University Drive).  The GSC stays open after typical business hours, please visit the GSC website for more information.

Scholarships for MS Biotechnology Degree

Industry Supported Graduate Assistantship 12 week paid position working with faculty on research for 15 hours/week at $12.00 an hour   Industry Suppported Scholarship Awards $2,000 one-time award

CIRM Grant for Stem Cell Emphasis Awards 10 students a stipend of $37,750 per year 
CIRM Grant for Stem Cell Emphasis Awards 10 students a scholarship of $7000 and a monthly stipend of $2575 for one year

Questions regarding the Industry Supported assistantship and awards should be directed to:

Melissa McCoy Instructional Support Technician II
(805) 437-3533 melissa.mccoy698@csuci.edu

Questions regarding the CIRM grant for Stem Cell Emphasis and all CIRM grant related manners should be directed to:

Kristin Majda CIRM Grant Analyst (805) 437-3203 kristin.majda415@csuci.edu

Interested in pursuing a doctorate?

Pre-Doctoral Program (Sally Casanova Scholars)

The CSU Pre-Doctoral Program each year identifies Sally Casanova Scholars, prospective graduate students from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds who with a faculty mentor and financial assistance prepare for graduate school during their junior or senior year. Students who are already in Master degree programs also qualify for this program.

Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program

The program seeks to provide loans to doctoral students who are interested in applying and competing for CSU instructional faculty positions after completion of the doctoral degree. Additionally, a portion of their loan from this program will be forgiven every year of employment in a qualifying position.

For more information about these doctoral programs, please contact:

Dr. Gary Kinsey Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of the School of Education 805-437-2002 gary.kinsey@csuci.edu

Other Scholarship Opportunities

For more information about scholarship opportunities that might be right for you, please contact Extended University's Financial Aid Counselor, Kristin Carpenter.

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