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Feature: CSUCI's Digital Mentoring Resource for FirstGen Students

First Generation, or FirstGen students, who are often from underrepresented communities and are the first in their families to attend college, especially elite private colleges and universities, face challenges that impact their ability to adapt to college life and to college academic requirements.

Many first generation, FirstGen, students come from low and moderate income families. Parents of these students are supportive of their children and desire to see them do well in school and make a good living. Often these students work hard and do well in school but do not have financial resources to study to apply to college such as Advanced AP and SAT preparation.

A number of Ivy League colleges and universities such as Brown, Yale and Harvard, as well as state colleges and universities, are creating programs to help students transition to and adapt to college. These institutions are also offering support services such as mentoring and tutoring to help first generation students achieve their academic goals.

A Digital Mentoring Resource for FirstGen Students

CSUCI has created a A Digital Mentoring Resource for FirstGen Students Connecting First Generation college students, staff, faculty and administrators at CI.

59% of CI Students Are First Generation

This website is dedicated to supporting First Generation College Students (FGCS) and their families. CSUCI defines a First Generation College Student (FGCS) as any college student who comes from a family in which no parent has a college degree. 59% of CI students are FGCS.

The website contains clips of CI professors, staff members and administrators who were FirstGen students themselves, talking about their experiences in college and graduate school.

FirstGen students, like those at other colleges and universities, come to CI with many strengths. They figured out how to get here even though their parents did not have college opportunities.

On the website students will find:

-- Information about how to find their way at CI
-- ideas on how to connect with professors
-- The importance of being actively involved in school

Indeed FirstGen students have worked hard and have come a long way. CSUCI and many other colleges and universities are working to offer support to help them strive and achieve their education and career goals.

Find out more about CSUCI's Digital Mentoring Resource for FirstGen Students here.

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